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Above Ground Podcast

be well, be safe, be ABOVE

Jul 7, 2021

Your toxic inner core belief will pollute every garden you try to plant. Cultivating that garden will reinforce negative seeds. Our guest this week is Vicki Savini. She is a 5-1-8 resident and a mother, teacher, author, writer and coach. She is helping us pull the weeds. 

We talk about raising vibrations in our energetic circle. We are all energy, after all. We discuss getting to the core toxic beliefs that we have about ourselves that lead us into toxic relationships with ourselves, the most important relationship. 

Is it serving or sabotaging you? That is one of the biggest questions we can ask ourselves. Stopping in that moment to ask that question can ignite the light to change. 

Vicki Savini is the author of three books and has contributed to several others. She is a teacher and life coach. She is available for private consult by contacting her at (518)441-9919. 

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be well, be safe, be ABOVE