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Above Ground Podcast

be well, be safe, be ABOVE

Aug 16, 2023

We first talked with Rob in episode ninety four where he felt uncomfortably numb. A hose of truth was used to put out the fires of mental health stigma. Now Rob is back, wanting more, doing more, and ultimately doing whatever is necessary to achieve it!!! Rob is a member of the peer ranks in spreading awareness and believes silence does nothing but strengthen stigma. His  work with Boots On The Ground can attest to that. Rob’s ketamine diaries help us understand what it’s like to bear witness to trauma and death and find life again. 


What’s up everyone and welcome to episode two hundred eighteen of Above Ground Podcast. We welcome back guest, Rob Leathen  to talk about his “trips” to Field Trip, where he underwent Ketamine treatment for his PTSD from a long career as a first responder in Canada. We also hit the peer-spective by discussing his work as warm line peer for Boots on the Ground, a 24 hour a day peer service for first responders. 


Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic, but as we are finding out in recent studies, there is a positive benefit to people living with depression and ptsd. With 30 years of experience being a first responder he is no stranger to traumatic events. Rob shared his diaries and experience through the process. He shares how he connected and realized in order to bloom, we must let go and allow the mind to bloom. 


With so many types of therapy available and Rob being open to them, ketamine was a very effective therapy treatment for him. As he states, he no longer approaches situations with his brain, instead he approaches them with his heart.  


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Check the links below for Field Trip and Boots on the Ground below to find out more. Until next Wednesday get well, be safe, stay Above.