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Above Ground Podcast

be well, be safe, be ABOVE

Aug 25, 2021

Hard to believe that summer is rounding the bend and we are days away from September. September is Suicide Prevention and Awareness month.  For AGP that is a 365/24/7 endeavor. 

This month we are bringing you five ‘thrival’ stories of loss, grief, love and resilience. Five stories of loved ones lost to suicide. Five stories of the survivors that faced life without their loved ones and turned it into a story of remembrance and rebirth. 

No, we are never the same following such a loss. But, we can carry on and create wonderful new stories. Life is about learning. Learning to let go. Learning to face life and take it as it comes.  These stories will bring you hope. After all Nothing Else Matters, but hope. 

9/1 #116 Don’t stop believing w/ Tiny Evie Rocks


9/8 #117 Day After Tomorrow an anonymous discussion 


9/15 #118 Asking Big with Devin Tomiak of the Biggies Conversation Cards


9/22 #119 Patsy Grieco is Standing in His Own Power 


9/29 #120 No Hopeless Soul w/Jayme of Indy


Thanks for listening and being a part of the conversation. Find us here… until next time be well, be kind be Above…