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Above Ground Podcast

be well, be safe, be ABOVE

Feb 16, 2022

The importance of relationships to our mental health and the importance of our mental health to our relationships cannot be understated. Everything affects everything else. We can all use help navigating the Roadmap to Relationships. 

Chelsea Wakefield PhD, LCSW is a speaker, podcaster, teacher and author. She is employed by the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences at the Psychiatric Research Institute. She has written three books. Love in the Time of Covid is her podcast. Chelsea is our guest this week. 

Self awareness and our ability to understand what we bring in, is a great place to start looking at how we navigate our relationships. Relationships have two dimensions. We start with the personal work we do and then how we show up. Communication is a very important interpersonal skill. But, where we communicate from, is important to know. It gives us insight to how we communicate.

Negative dynamics are the enemy to a good relationship not your partner. We are often reacting to one another, rather than creating and responding to one another.

The why in life is incredibly important to us creating a vision. We need role models, who can help us see a path forward. We all have areas of struggle. We are who we are. We can learn, love, grow and experience life with an open heart. 

Committing to a person is not enough. We need to commit to the process. Person, process and presence. Curiosity is a necessity to identifying needs, wants and desires. Begin within. Communication needs kindness. Difficult conversations take tact. Compassion helps us be empathetic to our partners needs and wants. Allowing for open dialog in a safe space. Co-creativity will only happen after the first four criteria are met. We need an exit ramp, off of the conflict highway. 

Chelsea is the author of three books, Negotiating the Inner Peace TreatyIn Search of Aphrodite, and Labyrinth of Love.

Her website is

Her podcast is called Love in the Time of Covid.

Thanks for listening.

Until next time, be Well, be Safe, be ABOVE...