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Above Ground Podcast

be well, be safe, be ABOVE

Aug 23, 2023

So many of us think in terms of black and white. We are either rational or emotional. We create laws in black and white. Yet, looking at the world around us, we are all shades of grey. 


Hey, what’s up and welcome to episode two hundred nineteen of Above Ground Podcast. This week we get into the reasonable mind vs the emotional mind and where the self is in the scrum. Is the self the joining of the two, known as wise mind, or could it be just another mystery that goes unsolved. 


The wise mind brings the band together, and what a power trio it is. Reasonable mind and Emotional mind, round out this triple threat, sure to turn it up to eleven.


First, keeping you cool, task oriented and rational, on drums Reasonable mind. Facts, reason and laying down a wicked in the pocket, four on the floor keeping the band in time. Don’t jam my swing with your emotions.


On guitar we have none other than Emotional mind.  Emotional mind is a shredder and a tearjerker rigged together. Using only feelings, moods, and urges to dance across the fretboard. Our shredder has no time for logic. That would ruin his expression. 


Now holding the pocket and our hearts together is our master of the low end and the boss of the bottom, wise mind. Wise mind lays the rhythm under the melody and the beat. Wise mind walks the middle path using right and left to bring the noise and keep reason and emotion from going solo. 


Thanks for checking out, Above Ground Podcast.  Check back on Wednesdays for episodes and follow us on socials to see what we are up to. Until next week, get well, be safe, stay ABOVE.