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Above Ground Podcast

be well, be safe, be ABOVE

Mar 16, 2022

The Gospel According to Josh is HOPE. Utilizing his many artistic talents to bring suicide prevention, mental health, storytelling and emotional intelligence to the masses. Changing the familial legacy he nearly chose to accept as his own. Josh is truly kicking his blue genes in the butt. 

Josh Rivedal is a mission driven, author, speaker, actor, comic. He is the man behind The i'MPossible Project He is the creator of Changing Minds; a five-module mental health based curriculum. It combines lecture, storytelling, group discussion and improv theatre to enhance emotional development. 

Josh shares with us the story of his abusive childhood and the legacy of suicide which both took his father and his grandfather. That legacy nearly became his. 

Josh has wrote a one man play, Kicking My Blue Genes in the Butt. His memoir The Gospel According to Josh is based on that one man show. He is creator of the i'Mpossible Project which has released four book volumes of stories by others who have taken lemons and turned them into lemonade. We have had several guests from that book series on the pod already. With others to come in the future. 

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Memoir (Despair & Mayhem) [feat. Kevin Maloney] - Single by Will Foley