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Above Ground Podcast

be well, be safe, be ABOVE

Sep 21, 2022

Our first repeat guest is back with a new ring, a new book and she is helping us elevate peer support. Valery Brosseau is back and the first time she asked us, is it in the blood? But now she is screaming the way out is through.

 We continue with our suicide prevention series with a bad ass story of how Valery went through and has a book of her poetry “through”. She has a lifetime invitation here at AGP and after listening to her you will understand why. 

Congratulations to her and Shane on their recent marriage. We wish them both all the best.  

It’s expensive to be crazy,  jokes Valery Brosseau. About what the cost is to have a mental illness, and run your own business. Val is a self contained creator of sorts. More humor and levity is necessary when combating stigma and allowing for people to see someone they might view differently. 

The universe will come together when you represent what the universe wants to reflect in you, expounds Val., In Through, her first poetry book, she opens up her hope chest and displays it in the rawest of view, for the world to see, to judge.  But judgement don’t matter when you are a black belt in karate and a purple in Brazilian jujitsu. I told you, she kicks ass. 

If you need one person or five people to pick you back up, there is no shame in any of that, expounds Brosseau. Self compassion she views as a key ingredient in healing and moving forward.  Setbacks will happen it is inevitable. The best response is to take a deep breath and explore your body, your mind. We are fallible. We are human doings. 

Little moments of joy and being able to find those moments she acknowledges is the second key to getting over a setback. The only path we have is to move forward.  Val was recently excepted into a Master’s of Social Work program and is pursing her dreams. Val says… “expressing is better than impressing.”

Valéry Brosseau can be found at

Val's book of poetry, Through, is available from Amazon.

Thank you for listening to another week of Above Ground Podcast. Sunday September 25th is the 2022 Out of the Darkness Walk for RITA. Taking place at the Saratoga State Park at 9am. Sign up with this link TO SIGN UP

Please come and join us in celebrating the lives of the lost and the survivors who carry on their memories. Walk to raise awareness and end the stigma surrounding suicide and mental illness overall. Sign up now and join us on Sunday. 

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Until next week, get well, be safe, stay ABOVE