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Above Ground Podcast

be well, be safe, be ABOVE

Apr 26, 2023

Not every relationship can withstand the struggle of mental illness. Countless marriages have ended. With that comes a lot of lonely, struggling people. When David & Rita McCormick found each other at their local church,what they found was looking through the lens of a spouse. 

Hey, what’s up everyone?! It’s time for episode two hundred two of Above Ground Podcast.  This week we have a Nippertown guest, author David McCormick and his muse and spouse, Rita. 

During the Covid -19 Pandemic we found the biggest spotlight highlighting our worlds struggles with mental health. We developed a rate of anxiety quicker than a 1990s Black Friday sale. We will feel the effects of this for generations to come. Which makes it even more important to stomp out the stigmas of mental illness. Rita, who manages a mental illness, is just like everyone else. She manages her life like anyone managing  diabetes, heart disease, or at times cancer. 

David, her husband, knows Rita’s cues, inflections and her tells. They laid a foundation of intimacy that wins like a royal flush at the #worldseriesofpoker.  David discovered in their original church that there was a stigma that he wasn’t expecting, but was ready to confront, surrounding the discussion of mental illness. 

The couple will take us on their journey from hurt  and alone to strongest together. David & Rita McCormick share what’s on their bucket list and share some knowledge of Rita’s tools that she uses to keep her mountain high happy days lasting longer.  A huge thanks to them for appearing on the pod. 

You can find Through the Lens of a Spouse and it’s follow up on Amazon. You can find their two Facebook groups Silently Suffering Ministries and the Through the Lens of a Spouse book group. Check them out and share that you heard it on Above Ground Podcast. 

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Thanks for listening to episode two hundred two and helping us continue to stomp out the stigmas of mental illness. Until we meet again get well, be safe, stay ABOVE…