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Above Ground Podcast

be well, be safe, be ABOVE

Mar 30, 2022

Change management consultant, Joelle Monaco joins us this week. Joelle is a proponent of people first workplaces and communities. An educator by passion, Joelle wants to empower you to end stigma and create the world we all could use.

As a mental health consultant and trainer, Joelle has seen change. Starting out more than fifteen years ago, people wouldn't return her calls. Now they seek her out. They seek her knowledge and wisdom. 

We will breakdown the three stigmas we all encounter, self, public and institutional. Find out why Joelle has chosen the turtle as her spirit animal. Her passion is organizational development and building relationships to support operations. 

Joelle is a proponent of the people first view of community and workplace. We will spend a third of our lives in our place of work. We now have more than five generations in the workplace together. We tend to not leave our baggage at the door. Following the pandemic team building became a box to check. 

Managers are put in positions because they are good at a task. They are often not leaders. They often do not want to be. Community education turned into change management. What is holding us back? Let's talk about it. 

You can find Joelle Monaco at Joelle Monaco Consulting. She is also the Director of Outreach and Business Engagement for the Mental Health Association of NY State (MHANYS).

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