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Above Ground Podcast

be well, be safe, be ABOVE

Sep 16, 2020

Communication is an art we have lost. In the age of one minute sound bytes, magic pills and willful ignorance. We have become uninterested in others and the breakdown is evident. The delicate dance of communicating starts with eye contact, empathy and the willingness to open the mind and LISTEN!

Rapport, as described by Tony Robbins, is a set of skills we can use to create quality connection with others. Sometimes it takes stepping out of our comfort zones and confronting our fears head on. 

Please don't forget about this Sunday, September 20,2020. Jacque Ecuyer will be doing his walk. check out the link below. 

22 for 22

4S4Life AFSP Fundraiser

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Until next WELL, be SAFE, be ABOVE