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Above Ground Podcast

be well, be safe, be ABOVE

Apr 19, 2023

When the coyotes are scratching at the door, and you’re gripping onto whatever steadiness you can find. What’s your reaction? Response? Healthy? Unhealthy? This week the boys tackle coping strategies and help you start coping with the urban coyote. 

Thank you for joining us for episode two hundred one of Above Ground Podcast. Four years of the peerspective of mental health every Wednesday on Nippertown and everywhere you pod.  

We are into spring and that means cleaning for many of us. When was the last time we looked at our coping skills storage closet? You still holding onto rickety regrets and kindergarten grudges? Spring is the perfect time for tidying up that brain of yours and clearing out the clutter of outdated systems and material that was classic before Vh1 knew the word rock. 

According to Therapist Aid, coping strategies are actions we take to deal with stress, problems or uncomfortable emotions. Let’s think about this. When we think unhealthy coping lets think that they are instant gratification with not a long term plan to sustain. But a healthy coping skill don’t always feel good in that moment but they lead you to long term positive outcomes. 

What you’re feeling could be factual, but it may not. If you can’t decipher that conundrum you might choose to make a different coping choice. Always remember,  your thoughts have the power to change the way you feel.  Say it again, a bit slower, now. Both positive and negative. We don’t take kindly to your kind, you negatives.  Get outta here you negatives. Banish the negatives by chilling with the positives. 

Thanks for listening to episode two hundred one of Above Ground Podcast. Don’t forget to find us on Nippertown and everywhere you pod. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Support the show by Buying us a coffee and sharing our episodes with your peeps.  Until next Wednesday get well, be safe, stay Above.