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Above Ground Podcast

be well, be safe, be ABOVE

Jan 19, 2022

Dig for the Light and be Above. Dig into loss and grief and the healing begins. Our guest this week is Annah Elizabeth. Creator of the 5 Facets of Healing, author, speaker and healing specialist. 

I Will Survive has got to be Annah Elizabeth's theme song. Life gave her a lot of lemons. She found an inner capacity and drive to make lemonade. The bitter can create the sweet. 

Overcoming the loss of a child, is tough enough. A six week stay in the hospital for extreme depression. Then to find out your husband is not being faithful with your best friend and your marriage is over. Left in a heap of despair and empty on the floor. She started a journey of self discovery and creation. 

Her website,, will bring you to her life's work,The Five Facets of Healing. A groundbreaking guide to finding resolution to conflict and grief across each of your five facets. 

Please check out her book Digging for the Light

Thanks for listening. 

Until next well , be safe, be Above