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Above Ground Podcast

be well, be safe, be ABOVE

Apr 12, 2023

This week we leave the ones behind and storm into our terrific twos. This is episode two hundred of Above Ground Podcast. Our guest this week, lost her grandmother, brother and dog since coming to be a resident of Nippertown. Abby Tegnelia is the CEO of Capital Region Living and Saratoga Living magazines. Abby shares her grief story with us and also gives us a glimpse into how she stays so positive and creative. 


1.8 million people were said to have perished during covid and that number may not be accurate Loneliness and disconnect were at an all time high and we were forced to hole up wherever we were and not always safely.  Ryan Tegnelia died in isolation during lockdown. An extrovert with a co-dependency issue and a functioning alcoholic. 


Beloved by his family. Abby reflects so happily and joyfully about Ryan. Ryan ran a law firm, created content for his YouTube channel. Loved being front of the court, in the courtroom, barroom, prison or community. Ryan is missed dearly, but always a chat away Abby says.  We cover that during our conversation on spirituality, meditation, prayer and tradition. 


Abby has spent many months now with the grief of so much loss. Ryan’s death caused Abby much pain. But pain can lead to positive energy if you let it guide you and listen. Abby is a Catholic and says that with a rebellious snarl, as the church has many issues still to address. Reiki, Life Coaching, prayer and meditation have all kept her connected to her source and herself.   Abby has been saying her goodnight prayers since she learned then and feels it keeps the universe in sync. That has fostered her greatest creative drive and in born passion to be a writer. 


When five year old Abby Tegnelia declared in her journal that ‘I am a writer’. She meant it and made it happen. Abby has written for HuffPost, Vegas News, Afar and of course is at the helms of Capital Region Living and Saratoga Living. Abby has made her path in a creative tornado that touched facets of all the arts but writing is a spiritual calling as much as a dream.  Writing keeps Abby connected to her source. Everything was just until Abby was a writer.  Abby is a writer. And a CEO and a Social Media Expert. Abby is also an aware soul who has kept her life plugged into her bliss. 


“No one prepares you for waking up at two am with overwhelming grief”, says Abby. Her goal was to go through the process as healthily as possible and discovered the concept of this often thought of outdated child age coping skill, co-dependency.  Some people don’t appreciate that term and say it causes stigma. Now Abby feels it stems from needing outside validation as to your own personal validation. A term often related to relationships and our unhealthy attachments within them due to trauma, neglect and of course addictive behavior or mental illness. Tegnelia can be found on Facebook, at Saratoga Living, Capital Region Living and on Twitter. 


Sunday April 16, 2023 is our next Mental Health Peer Meet-Up at 4pm. Join us at Nippertown's coolest spiritual boutique, the Sages Circle. 443 Saratoga Rd, Glenville, NY. TPP & Will co-faciliatate a safe space, meet up, where we can talk openly and without judgement in a beautiful, soul filling environment. End the weeknd and start your week free of some baggage. Hope to see you there. $5 suggested donation when you sign up or visit the meeting. 


Thank you so much for helping us bust the twos and carry on our stigma stomping conversations. Hard to believe its been 200 weeks since we released the first of seven episodes I had in the can to start. Like podcasting, as in life, we have grown and learned so much from those first seven through today at two hundred. Please check in every Wednesday for a new episode. We are going to kick 2023 into high gear. Hang on, its time to rock. Until next week. Get well, be safe, stay ABOVE.