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Above Ground Podcast

be well, be safe, be ABOVE

Jul 8, 2020

Self-love is an often misunderstood experience. We could be full of a sort of self absorbed confidence. But, it is in our darkness that we learn if we truly love who we are. We have both touched that darkness and it often seems to be hiding behind the door. Testing the waters to check for sharks. But, you are standing on shore. 

Speaking of sharks.  Bruce, the Great White from JAWS celebrates 45 years in 2020 on a good note. The original summer blockbuster has a very special place in my heart. It was the first movie I saw as a child. This was 1976, after the studio re-released it, on the bi-centenial for the month of July. We had dinner at Hot Dog Charlie and went to Proctor's in Troy. A great theatre, that had one-two screens. I saw Rocky that same Summer. That was the last normal Summer I would have.