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Above Ground Podcast

be well, be safe, be ABOVE

May 4, 2022

Recovery can often leave you feeling like you're caught between a rock and hard space. What stands between you and your healing can leave you feeling alone on an unmovable mountain. Yodeling for help in a deep, empty canyon. 

The space between illness and recovery can be bridged by medication, therapy and belief. Yet so many doubt they can make it. Looking at life through shit-colored glasses, will leave you running on a hamster wheel with smelly shoes. 

Us light chasers often fall prey to the dark. We give of ourselves, often to the point of utter exhaustion and emptiness. Our identities are so invested in our being helpful or looked upon to answer the call. We feel like we have no one that can help move this boulder out of our paths. It's up to us to take care of the earth mover. 

Maintenance on your vehicle is absolutely necessary to the life of your ride. Self-care, is the answer for our human machine. Checking in with meditation, exercise, rest, healthy food and stress reduction, help us remove the build up in our cylinders, blow the fuel out the carb and let the motor sing. 

Thanks for listening to this week's episode. A huge shout out to Kevin Maloney. Kevin wrote our new music. He is the guitarist and songwriter for the Final Sleep. He was also in the seminal Albany hardcore band, Withstand. He is a very close friend of the show and the hosts. 

Don't forget we will be part of 2022 inaugural Nipperfest. Saturday July 23rd at the Music Haven in Central Park, Schenectady, NY. 11a-10p. 

 AGP will be part of the second Upstate Punk Rock Flea Market at Empire Live Albany NY, Sunday, May 22nd 12-6p. This is a great all ages event. We will have tons of resources for you. The first one was killer. Come to our table at either event and have a real conversation about mental health. 

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until next week, get well, be safe, stay Above51