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Above Ground Podcast

be well, be safe, be ABOVE

Jun 23, 2021

Dr. Holly Schonberger DC is a Chiropractor who specializes in Network Spinal Analysis (NSA). This is a form of chiropractic work founded by Donny Epstein. It is a light and gentle technique that focuses on connecting with the central nervous system in order to free tension around the spine that is causing misalignment. 

Dr. Holly's journey with chiropractic started as a patient while an athlete in school. Following a traumatic brain injury(TBI), chiropractic care helped her recover her life and find a purpose. 

We cover what network spinal is, the vagus nerve, the spine, rest and digest. We even mention the Goop Lab and John Amaral. Another great conversation. Dr Holly drops knowledge bombs and cures your Crucio spell. 

Dr. Holly is practicing in Amsterdam, Netherlands currently, as a part of One Chiropractic Studio and resides in Amsterdam with her wife. 

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