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Above Ground Podcast

be well, be safe, be ABOVE

Sep 2, 2020

From Fear of Flying to making a difference in the urban school landscape. Artists and musicians often make the best social workers.Tearle Ashby, (ask him how to pronounce it) embodies the reasons for that; empathy, creativity, awareness, openness, honesty, caring.

Our conversation covers the ups and downs of working in the world of test scores over trauma response. Common core to emotional IQ. Are we causing the anxiety and depression in our children? We agree that we need to do some work and soul searching. We cover recovery and talk of the ACES, again.

Tearle is a fantastic Singer, Songwriter, Bassist, Producer. He was the glue that held Fear of Flying together as their bassist. His first solo release, Simpatico (2012) is available. Showcasing his vast musical influences and talents.