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Above Ground Podcast

be well, be safe, be ABOVE

Jun 2, 2021

The waters of trauma, abandonment, self sabotage, grief can drag you under. If you drink that water it can not just make you sick. It can drown you. If there is blood in the water you can cause a vicious attack or a feeding frenzy. Don't drink the water, be like water

Water is the most versatile resource we have. It can water our crops, cut through the hardest walls. It will always find the path of least resistance.To survive life waters you learn to surf or build a boat. You don't need a bigger boat, just a better boat. 

Being in the water and staying buoyant means letting go. Giving yourself to the current and wave. Fighting it causes you to lose energy and be heavier. That will sink you like a rock. Learn to skim the environment. 

Always remember we create our reality. You asked for this boat. Maybe thinking you wouldn't fall out. Forgetting to ask for a life preserver. Give yourself to the current and don't fight. Learn to sail, surf or swim. Don't drown. 

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