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Above Ground Podcast

be well, be safe, be ABOVE

Nov 3, 2021

When we lose our song we lose our way and ourselves. Authenticity and autonomy go by the way side when you try to become something you're not. This week Will & Tim talk autonomy, authenticity and the ability to be who you were put on this stage to be. Don't Let the Music Die. 

Authenticity and autonomy skip through the tulips together in some ways. But, you can be authentic and still have no autonomy. We walk in uniforms we don't want to wear. Out of service, duty, responsibility, or even fear. 

We need only our approval to create the lives we wish. If we give ourselves permission. Give yourself permission to be who yo were born to be. Every one else is already taken. 

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Memoir (Despair & Mayhem) [feat. Kevin Maloney] - Single by Will Foley