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Above Ground Podcast

be well, be safe, be ABOVE

May 5, 2021

Hard to believe this is our one hundredth episode. When we started this in the June of '19, I just wanted to have the first seven in the can. I figure if we build that momentum I will find it easy to bring the best of what TPP & I have. It's not...It's really not.

But I made a commitment to you, our listeners when I took this on. That every week we would bring you something new. And we have. This is our Cinco De Mayo celebration. Pour yourself a beverage of your choice and lets see what 99 episodes taught, told and treated us too. 

Huge shout outs go to everyone in order of appearance on the show. Jordan(ep 61). Valéry Brosseau(ep 86). Stacey Lauren, Todd(ep 55).  Dan Egan(ep 81). Tori(ep 90).                                     Dr. Russ Kennedy(ep 88).   Sean Wellington(ep 84).  Cover of AudioSlave's "I am the Highway" by Will Foley (feat. Steve Russ) Used by permission. Reverbicon.

Huge thanks to

Close Knit Co.   Nippertown,    Capital Underground.

 Healing Springs Recovery Center   


Engineered by Will Halem, Will Foley. Produced by Will Foley. Art, Memes & Logos created by Tim Parent. AGP theme song, "Save" by FreakNation (1995) Circumstantial/RED. Disclaimer voiced by Jordan. 


 Until next week be well, be safe, be Above