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Above Ground Podcast

be well, be safe, be ABOVE

Jan 29, 2020

Upon this journey of a thousand miles, we call life; we will come upon many crossroads. We must take one path or choose another. Some we feel called to, others we choose out of safety, ease of passage or we would rather go along with someone else's plans for us , than answer the call of our souls. 

Robert Johnson, the Mississippi Delta Blues Singer of the 1930s wrote and recorded Crossroad Blues on Vocalion in 1936. He sang supposedly of 'selling his soul to the devil' for his musical gifts. I personally feel after many listen to his songs, that he was searching for peace. Peace in a time where the color of his skin would cause him great harm. I also feel he was a tortured soul. 

Like many of us, he was searching for a peace he would never attain. Hellhounds would follow him like wolves and suck his last breath. Depression and mental illness can cause us to feel the hounds are always nipping at our heals. Fighting is all we can do.