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Above Ground Podcast

be well, be safe, be ABOVE

Mar 25, 2020

Pandemics, natural disasters and grief affect our mental health in profound ways. Here in the great state of N.Y. we have been put on pause, because of Covid-19, or what some call the coronavirus. An invisible virus that you may not show symptoms for but carry, pass just by breathing and put a lot of people at risk.

We recorded this episode nearly two weeks ago just as the virus was beginning to hit harder than Mike Tyson and faster than a Hayabusa out running the cops. 

The CDC has made recommendations and is providing updates on this very fluid and constantly changing landscape. This has become our new normal, like reality tv and active shooter drills. Every day we are inundated with bad news. Self care, kindness and compassion is what we need, not to mention a health care system that works for us not the insurance and pharmaceutical companies. 

This week's episode is named after a song by NY band Anthrax.

Among the Living ,the title track of their 1987 release, came out on March 22nd of that year. Though I originally thought about their album Spreading the Disease at first, my personal fave. 

Please share with everyone and stay vigilant.

Be well, be safe, be Above....