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Above Ground Podcast

be well, be safe, be ABOVE

Sep 28, 2022

Gerrad R. Bohl says that he lives with suicidal ideation . Gerrad expresses his ideation is a visitor, that makes a stop under extreme stress and huge life changing situations. Gerrad has been living with these intruders since he was ten years old. This week he shares his story with us to wrap up September, and #suicidepreventionawareness month.

Gerrad R. Bohl is our guest this week on Above Ground Podcast for our last InnerView of September. Gerrad is an author, model, actor and dancer. Gerrad shares candidly his struggles with not only suicidal ideation, but his experiences as part of the LGBTQ+ community in a state like Montana. 

Suicidal ideation comes in two forms; active or passive. Active ideation is when an individual has the feeling and a plan. Passive is having the feelings, but not a plan. Yes, children as young as nine or ten can have these feelings also. Sadly, according to a Stony Brook University Hospital's post, Are suicidal thoughts common?, as many as six million Americans have had thoughts of ending their lives. 

Gerrad, shares how important it is for someone to have connection in their lives, even just one, can make a huge difference. Gerrad shares the story of how his parents, just kids themselves when they had him, had a tough go. Addiction, constant moving and the fact that he was an overweight, effeminate child, led Gerrad to feelings of not being safe and not wanting to live. 

We often judge our thoughts. When we live with something as stigmatized as suicidal ideation, we may judge our thoughts as dark and bad. This in turn has the affect of us, often viewing ourselves in the same light. A dark light. 

Gerrad focused his artistic talents to write, Good Oliver Dooley and the Palace of Keepers, his first fantasy novel that is a space that Gerrad wanted to inhabit. Good Oliver Dooley represents what Gerrad aspires to be. His characters are magnified versions of himself. 

Gerrad just released book two of the Good Oliver Dooley fantasy,  Good Oliver Dooley and the Quest to Save Hobcomney. Gerrad shares hope and light within the lush, Clovercomb Mountains of Northern England. Oliver Dooley goes on a journey of discovery and learning. Oliver fights for his life, just like Gerrad has done.

Gerrad is currently getting out of Montana. Book two of the Good Oliver Dooley series was just released. Please find Gerrad at the links below:

Thank you for listening to our final show of September and suicide prevention and awareness month. Above Ground Podcast has dedicated the month of September to this worthy cause and topic since our establishment in 2019. We appreciate everyone listening and visiting our online domains. 

Until next time, get well be safe, stay ABOVE