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Above Ground Podcast

be well, be safe, be ABOVE

Apr 13, 2022

Two days out of prison, Frank"The Legend" Shamrock started a career of truly legendary proportions. Overcoming years of abuse, group homes and run-ins with the law. Things could have rolled much differently. Following the Warrior"s Code is the only path out.

The Legend was a child in Northern California. He survived abuse, maltreatment and severe trauma. Learning that crime and getting into trouble would get him out of his terrible home environment, he made it his own. 

Having nothing left to loose, Frank found himself in prison. He went to Shamrock Martial Arts School two days after his release. He was at the forefront of no-holds barred fighting, which would become Ultimate Fighting. MMA was made for him and he for MMA. 

Listen to him lay his life out unflinchingly. The pain and the ultimate. From living in the tool shed as a child. To producing Bipolar Rock N' Roller, the Showtime documentary of friend and renowned WWE and Combat Sports Announcer, Mauro Ranallo. 

What he learned from his experience was resilience and how to reinvent himself. Now an entrepreneur, speaker and producer.  a A staunch mental health advocate. A portion of his work goes to help Fountain House. A New York City non-profit which practices a specialized form of therapy using the setting of intentional community. 

He is the author of, Uncaged:My Life as a MMA Fighter

You can find all Frank Shamrock at his official website.

Thank you for listening. Be well, be safe, be Above,,,