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Above Ground Podcast

be well, be safe, be ABOVE

Jul 6, 2022

Peer support is when someone with lived experience helps another find their way through a similar experience. Peers are hope dealers. Peers coach and engage. Peers model recovery and work as part of your care team. Lets get the PEERspective.

China Darrington is the Director of Advocacy and Public Policy for Thrive Peer Recovery Services of Ohio. China is also the founder of XIX Recovery Support Services. She has implemented comprehensive recovery support service programs to help reduce overall costs of treatment and crisis intervention and operationalized those programs to fit within different organizations.

Thrive Peer Recovery Services provides mental health and substance use peer recovery services to self-identifying individuals in Ohio. Thrive Behavioral Health Center is the operating entity of Thrive Peer Support. Through their various programs and initiatives, Thrive supports people on their journey and enables them to achieve independence and long term recovery.

China was an end-stage, chronically addicted person for 15+ years — through jobs, trying to parent & desperately attempting to stay functional.  But addiction is never satisfied and eventually she lost jobs, houses and children to her addiction.

She got clean in September of 2003 and through a broad foundation of recovery has been able to maintain abstinence since.  However, she remembers how difficult it was, with a lack of hope that things would ever get better and a limited understanding of how to get treatment, find supports and get out of the drug world for good.

After establishing her own personal recovery she realized she had a passion for sharing her fire that “It does get better.” She works tirelessly to help others who are tying to find their own way to change their lives for the better.

China can be found here

Thanks for listening. Until next week get well, be safe, stay Above.